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Rolling Wheels Publishing is a Southern California company.  We proudly present and publish the LJ the Little Knight book series! The first book in the series is entitled: "LJ The Little Knight: The Battle of Autism." This book is about an adorable 6 year old boy who deals with challenges of autism while on a quest to find a lost object. 


The second book of the series was just released in December 2017 and it is entitled: "LJ the Little Knight vs. Billy the Bully."  This book is about LJ the Little Knight's quest to enjoy recess which is made impossible by the likes of a bully named Billy.

The books are available right here on this website. They are also available on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and if you are in the local Carson area, you can pick up a copy of both books at Juice-C-Juice Books and More located at 940 E. Dominguez St., Suite K in Carson, CA.

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LJ The Little Knight: The Battle of Autism

What is autism?
Autism is a brain disorder that affects 1 in 68 children in US. It affects boys more often than girls. Autism Spectrum Disorders affect children and their ability to interact socially, verbally and nonverbally communicate and it impairs our children’s behavior and what they are interested in. We still do not know the cause or have a cure, but awareness, understanding and patience are very critical when helping a child or adult on the spectrum with daily activities.

Book 3 is now available!

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