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     Rolling Wheels Publishing is a a family run start-up company built to help authors in urban areas create and “Take their Imagination Further.”  Your contributions and purchases help us get more books published and raise awareness about issues that plague our urban societies, as well as enlighten and delight by sharing knowledge that will help readers understand the issues at hand.


    The first book published by Rolling Wheels Publishing is "LJ the Little Knight: The Battle of Autism," created by Kellie Knight.  This is a book that is very close to our hearts because it deals with the subject matter of understanding autism spectrum disorders. We have two wonderful daughters and one amazing son, who is autistic. In essence, we have to communicate on a much different level. We desperately try to see the world through his eyes to gain better understanding. This approach has helped tremendously with the creation of the first book in the series, as well as subsequent books.


     Children’s books are not only for children. They are books that entertain as well as teach lessons to those who are reading to children too. These books are so vivid and so intriguing that they'll make you want to read more or read the same book over and over again. With the first book, you will see the true beauty of the character, LJ.  Book 2 was released in 2018.


     The Illustrator, Sharon Goldman, has a beautiful mind and it shows in her work as it is precisely and beautifully displayed in every page she brings to life. She is a true artist and a great talent and just all around - Awesome!


     Many have asked where did the name "Rolling Wheels Publishing" come from?  Well, when I thought of my Daddy, who is no longer on this earth, but was dearly loved and respected, I was reminded of the good times of the past.  When I first learned how to drive and many years later, I recall backing out of the driveway and my Daddy would yell something from the porch. My music was always turned up (I was a teenager once, although the kids don't believe that).  I could never decipher what he was yelling because the requests he yelled changed constantly.   Sometimes it was a request for a candy bar or a beer from the store or a last minute KFC order, so I would have to turn down the music and stick my head out the window and say, “I couldn’t hear you.”   Sometimes I would have to get out the car, walk up to the porch and he would smile and say “Your wheels are rolling.” Then he’d just crack up laughing because of all of the extra effort I took to figure out what he was trying to say. He got me every single time.

This is my Daddy, Raymond Spencer

About the Author of LJ the Little Knight

Here's my Story and I'm Sticking to it

Hi, I'm Kellie Knight

     My name is Kellie Knight and I write books.  In my quest to find a publishing company to publish my first children’s book, I ran into multiple road blocks. Suddenly, I had gotten to the point when it was time to just do it and get it published. I stopped in my tracks and thought, “I should publish this book myself.” So here I am. 


    I grew up in Compton, CA.  I earned my BA in Communications and Journalism and I completed my MBA December 2015.  I grew up in urban area and like many from urban areas, we have urban issues.  Rather than put those issues on the back burner,  I feel it is time to bring them to the front door. Let's put it in a book.


     My team and I are ready to put Rolling Wheels Publishing on the map and reach greater heights by helping other authors publish their books too. I know there is something even greater waiting to be accomplished.  This is just the beginning of a new chapter in the journey of life. 

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